Sunday, September 4, 2011

How do we benifit from eating a smaller portion size???

In all reality we love food! When food tastes good we tend to clean our plate, sometimes even if we have to unbutton our jeans!  I Remember a time when I was on Vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC, We were at this great seafood place all you can eat crab legs and steak. I thought there is no way I can eat another serving, It was sooo good that I kept eating and eating and somewhere in my mind I thought I'm not going to eat this good for awhile so keep the dishes coming. By the time I left that place, I had unbuttoned pants and I could hardly walk I felt so miserable I couldn't even think straight.

I just want to let the world know, you don't have to get over stuffed to have enjoyed your meal. I know from experience that very effective weight loss is a result in eating from a smaller plate each meal. You have to train your body that you don't really need that much food to survive, to get the vitamins and minerals from foods. You need a certain portion size in order for your body to get what it needs to keep functioning. Plenty of water also! You will find after just a few days of eating these smaller portions, your body will actually feel lighter. You will also feel like you are on to something good! If you get stuffed to where your uncomfortable, you feel very bad, heavy, and all together you definatly don't feel like your losing any weight.

I've done alot of research on top of always living by this method from the time I realized it actually does your body good, I've found out that alot of different cultures also live by this method. Asian women say.. We eat until we are 3/4 of the way full. Therefor they eat until they are no longer hungry not until their full. I have always noticed Asian women are petite and have a great body shape, I truly beleive that is why.

Ok! Let's talk about how to get started. I had a very great weight loss back in 2009 right before I had my second child. I had gained 100 lbs with my first, lets just say I found at that time this method being the best of all things to work for me. I think back now what was I actually doing to lose that weight. I can remember very little excercise involved, I love to exercise and really you are going to need it no matter what goals you are trying to reach its just a great way to live longer! I remember back in 2009 everytime I would eat a meal,  I would eat half, then I would go straight to the trash can and  throw the rest away, no questions about it! Just throw it away along with the left overs. That way you don't keep nibbling and munching on the things that are sitting there in front of you. It is pretty hard at first to do this. You have to train yourself, your mind will be telling you I'm not full I want to eat more. This is happening because this is what you have been doing for so long. To be very honest the reason I started doing this in the first place, I was in a new relationship and keep in mind I was 100 lbs more than I always had been. I was embarrased to eat in front of my boyfriend and I would just eat a little amount, enough to where I was no longer hungry. It was like I was trying to prove well even though I'm this big doesn't mean I eat like a pig.

Train your body to eat less and I guarentee you will start seeing weight dropping off of your body. You can eat up to 6 small meals a day and still lose weight. I started fitting into smaller sizes within weeks to a month I noticed major changes. I would tell myself wow! All I've been doing is eating half of my food. Its truly amazing. You do have to stick with it though. After you have done this so long you wont want to eat alot any longer, your body will let you know when you feel good,  you will feel amazing and much lighter!

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